MAC: Sierpinski Triangle Project (Python Code)

Figure 1.3-8: Decompression example using Sierpinski triangle in image processing. Another important point behind the mother wave and child wave is that in history, many legendary traders often spot the price patterns as in mother wave that are made up from smaller child waves. Sep. 14. Waclaw Sierpinski Frattali Forex LiteForex webinars Forex webinars; Forex glossary: ask-bid, Forex Volatility etc. Forex glossary — basic terms and concepts of the Forex market; Forex books Forex literature: Forex as viewed by professional traders; I think, the simplest example of a fractal is “The Sierpinski carpet” &q=python+code This is one of the projects I made during my python study with MAC- UDACITY It's about drawing Triangles within a triangle Th... Dec 9, 2016 - Turn a Sierpinski fractal triangle into a holiday Christmas tree. A great math art and STEAM project for kids during the holidays or any time of year! The area of the Sierpinski Triangle approaches 0. This is because with every iteration 1/4 of the area is taken away. After an infinit number of iterations the remaining area is 0. The number of triangles in the Sierpinski triangle can be calculated with the formula: Where n is the number of triangles and k is the number of iterations.

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